The World’s Only All-In-One Cedar Ice Bath

Two years ago, we revolutionised the ice bath industry with the world’s first all-in-one cedar ice bath, establishing a new benchmark for premium quality.

Today, we've elevated our ice baths to new heights of sleekness, functionality, and beauty.

Experience 360 degrees of unparalleled beauty and functionality.


 Through collaboration with top engineers,
we've developed custom filtration fittings
and a low-profile refrigeration system that
are seamlessly integrated within the walls
and beneath the tub.

Unlike our previous models, which required
a visible step to conceal these components,
our new design cleverly hides everything
underneath the tub.

From above, the Odin presents a sleek and
streamlined appearance, free from any
bulky steps or external chillers.

Everything you need, perfectly integrated for
a clean, minimalist look. Perfection from every

See The 3.0 Difference

Loved by A-listers & Athletes Worldwide.

After selling thousands of ice baths we’ve become the go-to ice bath for A list celebrities, influencers, high performers and those who want to improve their physical and mental health.

Ice Maker

Discover one of the world's only true ice baths with the Odin. Tailor the temperature to your exact preference or switch to ice maker mode for thick, refreshing chunks of ice right in your tub. With the Odin, your cold immersion experience evolves with you, ensuring you'll never outgrow the thrill of icy rejuvenation.

Functionality Without Compromise

At the heart of our design philosophy lies the seamless integration of technology beneath a stunning aesthetic. Our innovative projection technology discreetly displays the temperature, preserving the sleek and minimalist design of the Odin without the need for a bulky controller.

Wifi Compatible

Take command of your Odin from anywhere on the globe, ensuring it's always set to the perfect temperature when you return home.


50% More Power 35% More Insulation

Unlike our competitors who cut corners, we prioritise efficiency with a generous layer of high-quality polyurethane insulation. Our enhanced insulation increases efficiency by 35% and power by 50%, ensuring faster cooling and reduced energy consumption. Experience the difference with our commitment to superior craftsmanship and energy-saving innovation.

A Colour For Every Setting
A Style for Every Taste

In a world first, we’re introducing two unique additions to our ice bath range: the sophisticated Odin Grey and the limited edition Odin Charcoal Black with a stunning finish. With three distinct colors now available, there’s an Odin ice bath to match any style and setting.

Accept No Substitutes

While others have tried to replicate our craftsmanship, we remain the pioneers and leaders in cedar ice baths. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our design, using only the finest materials and showcasing exceptional attention to detail. With superior construction and elegant fittings, our cedar ice baths epitomize luxury and functionality. Experience the unparalleled difference that meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality bring to your daily wellness routine. Discover the ultimate in cedar ice baths with Odin